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A players ranking in snooker is derived from the number of points they gain from playing matches.
There are several ranking lists, a one year list, a two year list and a provisional ranking list.

The one year list is a straightforward list of a players points within any given season
and is a clear indication of how a player is performing for that season.

The two year list is the one that most people get to see and hear about.
This is the one that gives the official ranking position of any player at the start of the season.
This list is a combination of the points gained by players for the two previous seasons.
Tournament seedings are based on the two year ranking list.
At the start of a new season the players retain the points won the previous season.
They add points gained from the current season to give the provisional ranking list.
This list is updated after every tournament to give an updated provisional ranking.

The provisional ranking list shows where a player would be
if it were the end of the season and there were no more tournaments.
The provisional list is only for information..
This is the one you will see on BBC and it is produced after every tournament.
The players provisional position will be the one shown in the top 32
and the position he was at the start of the season will also be shown in brackets.

The ranking points will vary from competition to competition.
It is very important to win your first match in any tournament.
An example of this is me winning my first qualifying match in the world championships.
I received 2300 points for winning and would have gotten 1100 if I had lost.
If I had beaten Marco Fu it would have given me an extra 500 points.
The world championships carries more points than any other tournament.

The one year list is indicative of your performance for the year.
On the one year rankings I moved from 55 last season to 42 this season.
This allows me make an assault on the top 32 for the forthcoming season.

Thankfully the season just gone showed great improvement in my performance
and minimised the damage done from the previous season.
There were only six ranking events last season and I scored nearly the same points as the previous season.
Although I dropped down on the two year ranking list from number 43 to number 46,
after the poor season in 2004 / 2005, this was a good result for me.


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