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I am delighted to announce that Povall Conservation have
agreed to extend their sponsorship for a further three seasons.
Povall have themselves just received extra public sector
contracts and this shows how progressive they themselves are.
As a young dynamic company they deserve every bit of success they have gained.

This is fantastic news for me and allows me to plan for the future
and to prepare for each tournament in the manner I would hope for.
I am very grateful to John McNamara and Cieran McInerney
for the confidence they have shown me and the magnificent support
they have given me throughout the season.
It has been a very positive first year in partnership with them
and I really look forward to the continuation of this for the next three seasons.
This has been a great confidence boost for me.

I am currently talking to several others who have expressed an interest
in sponsoring me for the next season and I expect negotiations to go well.
I hope to announce further sponsorship deals very shortly.


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