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Season Preview 2006 - 2007

I am looking forward to the new season with a renewed enthusiasm.
With a seventh points tournament to play this year the competition will get even tougher.
I am hoping to get back to the point where I am the toughest opponent to play on the circuit.
There is also talk of a new Nations Cup for January.
The new format for the Grand Prix is a group stage competition with a new venue in Aberdeen.

There are many challenges ahead and the most important thing for me
is to move back up the rankings and halt the slide of the last couple of years.
I did not have a great start to the season, with a loss to Paul Davies,
in the qualifiers for the Northern Ireland Trophy.
I felt a bit rusty and lacking match practice but I believe that my game is now inproving rapidly.

I intend to spend more time at the practice table and to work hard on my game.
I will be looking to iron out any weaknesses in my game
and I will be using every method available to me to be a stronger and better player.

I am planning to play in more tournaments and increase my match practice.
My first method will be to play in as many Open competitions as possible.
The first of these will be the German Open at the end of August
and I am going there to compete very fiercly for the trophy.

I will spend more time practicing with other players on the circuit
and use this opportunity to improve my game.

Last season I was 42nd on the one year ranking list
and this was an improvement from 55th the previous season.
A couple more seasons with that level of improvement should see me back in the top 16.

My new sponsors have helped me plan for this level of achievement
and I intend to make the most of this opportunity.

I look forward to the day where I can bring a trophy into the office of my sponsors
and leave it with them to repay the faith they have shown in me.


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