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WSC Last 16 v John Higgins

I was happy to go to the interval at 2 - 2 in the first session.
The next 4 frames were very scrappy affairs,
the cushions started bouncing a lot so positional play
at times became a bit of a lottery.

Having said that, I should have won the 5th and 8th frames and
that would have meant it was 4 - 4 going into the second day,
even 5 - 3 down would have been OK but to be losing 6 - 2
especially as John hadn't been at his best was tough to take.
His patience and experience were the deciding factors.

We both played well in the first 4 frames of the second session
to go to the mid-session interval at 8 - 4.
In the next 4 frames John played the best anyone has ever played against me.
I did very little wrong but still got punished heavily as John made
a 70 break, a 90 break and 2 centuries to finish 12 - 4 up overnight.

He made a 50 break the next day to win 13 - 4.

I felt in good form and was playing well but I never got a chance to prove it
during John's great four frame spell.
Against somebody of John's class, if you go 6 -2 and 8 - 4 down
you run the risk of him running away from you
and this is exactly what happened.

But I learned a lot from John during the match that will stand to me in the future.


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