Official Fergal O'Brien Website World Championships

Next week, on Monday, March 10th, I play Jamie Cope in the final
qualifying match for this years World Championships.

The match is over the best of 19 frames in two sessions, the first at 10.00am
and the second at 4.00pm. The winner will be going to the Crucible in April.
Obviously it is an important match, as everyone loves to play at the Crucible
and my ultimate goal is to become World Champion,
so I will be giving it all I have on Monday to try and qualify.

Jamie is a tough opponent but in that round there are no easy matches anyway,
so I will have to be on the top of my game to progress.
As I failed to qualify for the Welsh Open, I took a couple of weeks off
and then started my preparations for the World Championships.

I have been playing up to six hours a day on my own and also practicing with Colm Gilcreest,
Rodney Goggins and Michael Judge (who is also playing on Sunday for a place at the Crucible).
We have been playing best of 19 practice matches to get a feel for the distance we will be playing.
I have been playing well, scoring heavy and enjoying my practice
and I am really looking forward to next Monday.

Off the table, I will be celebrating my birthday today, (March 8th), before flying to Sheffield at lunchtime.
I can't think of a better present than qualifying for the Crucible.

I have given up eating chocolates, sweets and crisps for lent (not an easy thing to do, especially for a chocaholic like me).
I am trying to set a good example for my daughter Isabel, who is 7, and I am surprised I haven't broken my promise.
I do think that I will allow myself a large bar of Galaxy (as a birthday present to myself).
I can't wait. Then it's back to the hard grind until Easter.
On Easter Sunday I will be in China,
so I must make sure to pack a couple of Easter eggs in my suitcase for the trip.

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