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Raphael's Snooker Club

On tuesday April 22nd Raphaels Snooker Club in Lucan, Dublin closed its doors for the last time.
There was a closing party, where the Hemerycks family, friends and previous members
came together to give the club a good send-off.

The club opened in May 1985 and a few weeks later the new World Champion, Denis Taylor, gave an exhibition.
Over the years Jimmy White and Silvino Francisco also gave exhibitions there and last August
I organised a professional tournament there and Davy Morris, a young Irish professional, beat me in the final.
In 1997 I became the resident professional in the club and was always very well treated and really enjoyed practicing there.

I would like to thank all the Hemeryck family especially Leyna for all their support over the years.
I must also mention Tommy Ennis who, day in and day out helped me
and who, many times, got up early to let me in so I could start practicing before the club opened.
I will miss having a chat and a laugh with him over lunch.
The end of an era.

From next season I will be playing in celbridge Snooker Club just outside of Dublin.
My table has been moved there and I am looking forward to a fresh start.
Joe Delaney also plays in the club so I won't be short of a practice partner and with two professional tables,
I'm sure we will have many competitions between all the irish players during the season.
Many thanks to Phil Martin for letting me put my table in his club.

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