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N.U.I. Maynooth

A year and a half ago the National University of Ireland in Maynooth
took the fantastic step of offering people a snooker scholarship
to combine excellent snooker facilities with a top class education.
Snooker for many years has had the image of its players having a misspent youth
as if a lack of education went hand-in-hand with snooker proficiency.

So for snooker to be finally given its proper recognition alongside other sports including golf and tennis is brilliant.
Johnny Williams, one of Ireland's top amateurs and Vincent Muldoon, a new professional,
are the first two people to benefit from this new initiative.

I recently went to Maynooth and was impressed by the excellent facilities.
They have four tables with the main one being a professional table,
complete with the same cloth and lighting that is used on the professional tour.
These facilities give Johnny and Vinny every chance of fulfilling their snooker ambitions,
not to mention receiving the opportunity to take their education as far as possible.

All credit to Greg White and all concerned,
for their vision to create this unique facility,
and making this available to Ireland's stars of the future.
Long may it continue.


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