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Dublin Billiards and Snooker Leagues.

Since 1993, I have been a patron of the DBSL.
This is something I am very proud of.
My manager, Martin Daly, was the former chairman and is one of my good friends.
Stephen Merrigan is the current chairman.

I know first hand how determined the committee are to keep the leagues going and to try and improve them,
With property prices, a smoking ban and other reasons snooker in Dublin has been hit hard over the decades,
with many clubs closing and the amount of people playing snooker and playing in the leagues has been reduced.
So the possibility of the leagues ending forever has been a concern for many of us.
The leagues have been running since the 1960's and it would be a great shame if they ever stopped.

Of the current Irish professionals, Ken Doherty, Michael Judge, Joe Delaney and myself
all came through from juniors in the leagues in different divisions,
not to mention many other professionals and some fantastic amateur players.
The leagues are the lifeblood of the game in Dublin.
There are currently three divisions, Premier , Division 1 and Division 2.
The clubs from Dublin have had great success in the All Ireland Club Championships
over the years and I'm sure will do so again in January 2009.

Recently, in trying to help in some small way to promote the game and the leagues,
I did a series of exhibitions in clubs around Dublin.
I visited Glenalbyn, Spawell, Roadstone and Guinness Iveagh grounds.
I will be playing in the Ierne also very soon. I really enjoyed all four nights.
Conditions were excellent, the standard of play was very high and the hospitality shown to me was greatly appreciated.
All exhibitions are fun and to be enjoyed but there is something special about playing in
Dublin clubs with its banter and wit taking prominence.
I would advise all players young and old in the greater Dublin area to enquire about playing for a club in the leagues
as they are highly competitive but more importantly great fun.
See their website (now on my links list) for further information.


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