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My First Century

For any snooker player to have a century break is a great milestone.
Such is its significence that I can still remember where and when mine took place,
27th July 1987 against Tony Corrigan in Langan Snooker Club, Capel Street in Dublin.

I made a 101 break and missed the blue with only three balls remaining.
I didn't care, I had my first century and thats all that mattered.
I had some luck when I fluked the yellow on 92 as I feared ,
having come close many times, that it would never happen.
The yellow came off three cushions and went into a corner pocket at the black end
and I was perfect on the green and brown
and wasn't bothered about positional play for the blue.

I couldn't wait to tell my Dad as he knew what a big deal getting a century was to me.

Even though I was just 15 when I recorded the break,
at the time I was getting anxious,
as I already felt old and thought I'd missed the boat.
Hearing [and reading in Snooker Scene] about kids in England as young as 10 or 11
making centuries had me feeling very worried.

Those of you who have had a century will also remember that great feeling of satisfaction I felt
and those of you who haven't yet done so should know a great day awaits you.

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