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Cue Action

After you have practised your cueing on the baulk line then you can introduce other balls

.The cue action you used on the baulk line is the same one you use now.
Just deliver the cue smoothly and the balls just get in the way.
You don't hit at the balls, you try and be smooth through the ball.

Place the white on the baulk line and place some reds either side of the blue spot.
I usually put five either side and
try pot all ten in a row.
I'm more pleased achieving this than if I had made a century as I know I'm delivering the cue perfectly straight.

This is the foundation of the game.

Make sure each shot is dead straight and pot the red into the corner pocket. Forget about positional play
Just concentrate on good cueing, delivering the cue straight and being smooth through the ball.
If you stay down after the pot you should find that the tip of your cue is aimed at the centre of the pocket,
if not, it shows that you have not cued perfectly straight.


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