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Blacks off the spot

Such a simple practice exercise can have great benefits for your game.
It helps you get used to finding the potting angle for the black
and helps develop your skills by forcing you to
play all the shots you require e.g. stun, screw, stun run through and side.




Place the black on it's spot and place the cue ball anywhere you like.
Try to pot as many consecutive blacks as you can.
Set yourself a target and try to achieve it.
After achieving your target increase the number.
It sounds easy but even to get ten in a row requires a good level of skill.
When I practice this I look for 100 in a row.
Once I missed on 99 and had to start again at zero and I can tell you
my concentration and focus was much better the next time.

This is a very good exercise for concentration and discipline.
If practice time is limited, even one hours practice will have you playing at least 100 pots
or more which is far more pots than if you were just playing frames by yourself.

Once you have got the hang of just potting blacks you can take a step up
by potting blacks and pinks alternating between the two.
Again set your targets and gradually increase them.
This generates good close control of the cue ball which is essential
and will require you to play all different shots.
It is far more difficult to get 10 pinks and blacks than to get ten consecutive blacks.
After you have mastered this technique you might try doing this by only potting
the black into the corner pockets and the pink into the middle pockets.

You can evolve this routine to include blues and from there the baulk colours.

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