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The line-up is the most commonly used form of practice routine.
There are different variations and you can make it as simple or as difficult as you want.
This is a great exercise to develop your break building and an excellent way to measure your progress.


Place the reds as shown above.
After potting each red you can pot any colour you like and pot the reds in any order you want.
Try and compile a break and whether that is 8 or 80 your target is to beat that break next time.
It is vital to keep a record of your breaks for every practice session so you constantly have a target to beat.
This will show your level of improvement each time you do this routine.
The quality of your practice is more important than the quantity.


I set the reds as shown above
Note that I place 4 of the reds behind the black instead of the usual 1 and try to make a 147.
To make it even more of a challenge I pot the reds in order.
I start with the red on the back cushion and finish with the red nearest the blue.

People will tell you that your break in practice does not count as a highest break,
Most players quote both their highest break in practice and in matchplay.
Both breaks can be considered highest breaks.
You have potted the balls, done the hard work so it is a legitimate accomplishment

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